Our Guiding Principles


We do not aim to put Vienna in the category of just another city participating in the global race to gain a competitive edge technologically, which tends to level off the differences among business locations. Our vision entails a presentation of the uniqueness of Vienna. For this reason, our work deliberately focuses on specific priorities, concentrating on Vienna’s technological strengths as well as strategic, cross-sectoral areas.  

Services from a single provider

The main principle underlying ZIT’s activities is its cooperation with partners to jointly design and offer three different technology policy approaches: direct financial assistance (i.e. grants), technology and innovation management, and finally, making a technology-specific infrastructure available. All three factors are important parameters of success for developing Vienna as a technological business location. When optimally fused, these three approaches should, ideally, create an optimal environment for innovative, technology-oriented companies. 

We promote the best minds

People are the basis for innovations. That is why we primarily provide support in financing the costs for highly qualified human resources. As a result, companies will be capable of raising their level of know-how and expertise, thus ensuring their competitiveness by means of ongoing quality improvements and innovations.

The principle of competition

Our objective is to support technological excellence and an optimal creation of value. In our activities, we attach particular importance to the principle of competition. Competition and the direct comparison of projects ensure that quality is the decisive factor in determining which projects are granted financial support.


ZIT is firmly embedded in the institutional landscape of Vienna and Austria. Due to our intimate knowledge of the activities pursued by other institutions, we can particularly focus on those business areas which are not covered at all, or only in part, by the measures other organizations carry out. As a consequence, redundancy can be avoided. Efficient and effective incentive programs arise as a result of the targeted cooperation ZIT concludes with other funding sources for the purpose of technology promotion.

Customer orientation

The satisfaction of our clients is the benchmark by which we measure the success of our work. Transparency in all our activities is a fundamental pre-requisite in achieving this. Quick decision-making represents an important competitive advantage for the companies. We aim to reach this goal without any loss of quality, by means of organizational efficiency and the dedication and commitment of our employees.


ZIT works with taxpayers’ money. The top priority is ensuring the economical and efficient use of public funds. In order to identify new areas of technology policy in which we can constructively intervene, we analyze the entire innovation system, and take appropriate measures in those areas where we can achieve the greatest possible impact. 


We already strive during the planning phase underlying our activities to define performance measurement yardsticks of success. This ensures that the measures we carry out are designed to optimize the economic benefit achieved on behalf of the people, and can be effectively evaluated.

Gender mainstreaming

"Gender Mainstreaming" can be defined as always consciously being aware of the social inequalities prevailing between men and women and taking them into consideration in all the activities we carry out, as well as in all planning and decision-making processes. Women are strongly underrepresented in corporate research work in Austria. For this reason, in developing and implementing technology policy measures, ZIT acts in accordance with the principles of gender mainstreaming. This approach is designed with several goals in mind: to improve the career perspectives of women in regards to company research; to expand the potential pool of highly qualified employees for the Vienna business community, and finally, to promote  interdisciplinary and gender-sensitive access to technological problems. 

Our Guiding Principles

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