Our Mission

Enable ideas – support quality – minimize risks.  

The boldness to explore new horizons, seeking consensus but managing conflict, cultivating holistic thinking, embodying reliability, commitment, identification with our work, being aware of the crucial challenges ahead – these are the values we want to be judged by.

Our philosophy

In our view, an innovation and technology-oriented policy is not in competition with other policy areas, nor is it an end in itself. Similar to other policy areas, its ultimate goal is to make a contribution towards improving the living conditions of people. For this reason, technology policy cannot be interpreted as a program designed to help a minority, but must strive to ensure that technological progress benefits as many people as possible. Therefore, in promoting technological projects, we not only take the technological excellence of a project into consideration, but its interactions with and impact on other policy areas.

A modern system of promoting innovation requires the understanding of all citizens. As a result, ZIT is carrying out intensive public relations efforts - above and beyond marketing the work of the company itself - in order to increase public awareness of the importance of technological progress.  

Our Mission

    ZIT - The Technology Agency of the City of Vienna.
    A company of the Vienna Business Agency